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It’s time to invest in a good diffuser. Diffusers, attachments that latch to the front of the blow dryer, work to control the impact of air and distribute it evenly to enhance hair definition and create volume for gorgeous results. (Think: Tracee Ellis Ross singing about her beautiful full head of hair.)

Temur, lead stylist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City, uses diffusers to reduce frizz and maintain natural shape and definition for all hair types, but they are most helpful enhancing those with curly hair. Whether you have beach waves or tightly coiled s-curls, diffusers can help to bring structure to your hair-drying process.

So, what should you look for in a diffuser? Temur suggests looking for diffusers with as many holes as possible. “The more holes it has, the more evenly the air will be distrusted to the hair which will reduce frizz while creating definition more thoroughly,” he says.

Temur’s top pic is the YS Park Metal Mesh Diffuser. He advises to look for diffusers that contain mesh and fabric as they are easy to travel with and the mesh reduces drying time and removes static electricity. Shop the best diffuser on the market, below.

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The Pro Pick

Small Diffuser

YS Park


This is Temur’s pick for the best diffuser on the market. The soft body won’t damage hair and the mesh helps control static. 

The On-The-Go Wonder

Metal Mesh Diffuser

M Hair Designs


Another great mesh option, this diffuser is beloved by on-the-go hairstylists because of its compact and lightweight design. 

The Shirley Temple

SoftCurl Diffuser



This is the ultimate curl volumizer. The large holes spread heat evenly to create full spirals. 

The Quickie

The Bouncer Diffuser



This dryer works best with Drybar’s Buttercup blow dryer, but doesn’t exclusively function with it. Users note that it dries hair in record time, clocking in at under 15 minutes. 

The Space Saving Option

Black Universal Diffuser



Ion’s Universal Diffuser is made from silicone which collapses easily for storage and travel. It also comes in a hot pink version, if that’s your aesthetic. 

The Star Sidekick

Ultra Light Pro Dryer Diffuser

Harry Josh Pro Tools


You can’t go wrong with Harry Josh Pro Tools. This diffuser is a complimentary piece to the Harry Josh blow dryer, which is also one of our favorites.

The Helping Hand

DevaFuser Attachment



Consider this the extra hand you’ve always needed. DevaCurl’s universal diffuser provides  360 degree airflow to provide the perfect amount of controlled heat. It’s also exclusively crafted for curly hair.

The OG

Air Diffuser

GHD Hair Care


GHD’s Air Diffuser will do exactly what it’s supposed to do: Keep frizz away and maintain soft curls for several hours. You can’t go wrong with a classic. 

The Transformer

Signature & Stealth Dryer Hair Diffuser



Users note that this diffuser can change their thick and unruly hair into smooth and straight locks. The diffuser is best paired with the NuMe Signature Hair Dryer and NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer for ideal results. 

The Secret Weapon

Black Orchid Hair Diffuser


This diffuser tames curls and waves with ease. It easily teases out your natural hair texture while diffusing harsh heat and protecting delicate strands.

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