Another day, another Twitter debate. Fortunately, the dust has settled on the viral “Do you wash your legs when you shower?” poll from May (wash your legs, people!). Today, Twitter is divided over a tattoo on Drake’s arm that looks a lot like Rihanna.

This week, Drake took a break from celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ historic championship win to announce that he’s back in “album mode,” posting photos from a working vacation in Turks and Caicos. In one, Drake is smiling as his arm rests on a table, revealing a tattoo of a woman fans believe to be Rihanna, his long-rumored ex-fling.

If you’re new to Champagne Papi’s world, he kind of has a thing for tattooing women he admires all over his body, so fans speculating that he has Rihanna tattooed isn’t too far-fetched—it just isn’t true. This rumor isn’t new, as fans were quick to notice the tattoo after Drake posted an image of himself working out in a short-sleeve shirt that gave fans a subtle preview of the tattoo.

In 2016, rumors began to circulate that the tattoo was likely a homage to Rihanna but a Drake fan account explained that the tattoo is actually a portrait of Robin Givens, who starred in the popular ’90s film Boomerang and was previously married to boxer Mike Tyson and shared a side-by-side photo to back up their claim.

Drake has never denied or confirmed whose face he tattooed but hasn’t stopped Twitter from running with their own theories:

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